She said no

When I initially “saw” Sara, I thought how is this possible?

She can’t possibly be so fun to be around
She can’t possibly be so honest and transparent
She can’t possibly look at the world so differently
AND she most certainly, cannot possibly, be single

I was wrong.  And then she told me to fuck off (not word for word).

We begin with somehow through Facebook magic, Sara came up as “People you may know”.  We had some unique friend connections; one a good mentor of mine and family friend to her, and our motorcycle dealer but also a great family friend where their fathers had long term friendships. So I hit the friend button and she obliged. And then I did nothing! (dumbass)

Months later I saw a post of her and a friend ATVing, having a blast.  I could see the joy in her eyes and real happiness in her smile – this woman loved life.  And she lived, other posts showed adventure and fun, others, vulnerability and truth.  I had to meet this woman.

As I was packing to leave for Cuba, I mustered up a message like “Can’t believe our friends haven’t introduced us yet.  We both like a lot of the same, and you’ve got an awesome smile.  Hoping your single like me, let’s cross paths.”  Like any hard to get woman she didn’t respond for a day.

She acknowledged our potential to gel, but had to tell me to bounce at the time.  But she said something that lingered with me “perhaps our paths will cross”. Perhaps.

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